CS50 Final Project

Simple User Management Database

This project was the last assignment in Harvard's free CS50 Introduction to Programming in Python course. I found this course to be really enjoyable and although I did not pay to receive the full certificate at the end of the program, I did complete all the homework assignments and the final project. I chose to create a simple (and not very secure, admittedly!) user database system.

When the program is run, it checks to see if the database exists on the user's computer. A first time setup is run if no file exists, prompting the user for all the information needed to create the administrator account. Once the .csv database exists, users have the option of creating a new account and searching for other user information. Administrator users can even run reports about the users, user age, etc.

While bare bones and certainly not useful in a real world setting, this program allowed me to use all the skills I learned in the CS50 course, including classes, loops, file I/O, and functions.

My program and code can be found on my GitHub, linked here.

Programs/Languages Used: Python, VSCode.

Lessons Learned: This was a great project to do to help me exercise what I learned in CS50. I had a rough outline of the program's structure before beginning, but I definitely learned not to stick exactly to that structure while writing my code, and on the other hand not to stray too far either. It was very easy for me to come up with a new idea in the middle of coding, then go off on a tangent and break what was already working well. Once I stuck to what I was trying to do without complicating things, the process went much smoother.

The biggest lesson I learned here, however, is that I want to learn more! Python is an awesome language and I want to get better at using it and specifically get better at using it for data analysis.