Google Data Analytics Certificate Case Study


This project was the capstone case study completed at the end of Google's professional certification course in Data Analytics, offered through Coursera. The objective was to compile a year's worth of ridership data and analyze the differences in how casual riders used the product compared to annual membership riders. I mainly used R to bring all this data together, clean it and do some initial analysis. After that, I used Tableau to create a couple graphs and an easy to view dashboard. My R Markdown file can be viewed on my Kaggle profile, and the dashboard I created (although basic) can be found on my Tableau profile. I also created a slide deck embedded below that includes charts, observations and three recommendations on what the fictional company could do to encourage casual riders to subscribe to their membership.

Programs/Languages Used: R, Tableau, Excel, Powerpoint.

Lessons Learned: I broke quite a bit while writing my R Markdown file, but was able to sort through those issues and I definitely came away with a much better grasp on how R works. Additionally, I had forgotten a decent amount of what the certification course taught me about Tableau. This project helped me pick up some of those pieces and showed me what areas I need to work on going forward.

Cyclistic Case Study Slide Deck.pdf